Fuel consumption – 20% saving

Glendale has cut operational fuel consumption by 20% by switching to Makita’s 4-stroke blowers, line-trimmers and pole hedge trimmers.
“We have cut petrol consumption by 20% since buying Makita 4-stroke machines which gives us a significant advantage on tight, fixed term contracts,” says Mark McKinnon, Glendale’s company engineer. “The 20% fuel saving has been recorded in comparison to 2-stroke machines in the same arduous working locations. Oil costs have reduced by 78%.”
“Makita 4-strokes also cut the risk of complete machines “lost” from fuel and oil mixing issues and offer savings on those very expensive 2-stroke repair costs.  Other factors which are important to the operators and the general public who could be nearby, are the lower levels of vibration, noise and pollution. These all add to the higher environmental credentials that the Makita 4-stroke machines promote.”
The majority of Glendale’s business is centred on fixed term contracts and so improving operating efficiency is central to successful service delivery. The investment in Makita machines for their fleet is in line with the commitment to ensuring maximum efficiency and safety, coupled with minimum environmental impact.
“The capital cost of the 4-stroke machines is nominally higher than the equivalent 2-stroke but the fuel and oil savings have meant that this cost has been recovered within the first six months of operation.”
Mak1513 Makita 4-stroke blower in action

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