New turf products

John Deere has launched a series of new turf products.
The 1026R sub-compact tractor is aimed at residential and commercial customers who need to do more than just cut grass.
The 1026R has a 26hp three-cylinder diesel engine and a two-range hydrostatic transmission with a track width of 1.2m for increased stability. The three-point linkage has a maximum lift capacity of 525kg at the link ends. The tractor includes a quick attach front loader with a lift capacity of 380kg to full height.
The durable 3.5 or 4.5mm thick mower deck is available with cutting widths of 1.37 or 1.52m and is very easy to attach. The height of the tractor with the cab fitted is under 2m and additional comfort and simple operation are provided by the standard cruise control and a deluxe suspended seat.
The Series II 1600 Turbo WAM out-front rotary mower features a Stage IIIB engine to meet the latest emission standards.
It is powered by a 57hp turbocharged Yanmar diesel engine, equipped with a cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system for lower emissions and is capable of covering up to 3.4ha an hour, at speeds of up to 9mph with a cutting height of between 25 and 140mm.
The 1600T WAM offers power, manoeuvrability and operator comfort for commercial mowing contractors, local authorities, golf courses and other public and private institutions. A fully adjustable high-backed air suspension seat to improve operator comfort, and run-flat tyres on the castor-action gauge wheels to reduce downtime and increase productivity.
The new X305R rear-discharge lawn tractor features a range of enhancements which make it even more versatile and productive.

It has a powerful two-cylinder Kawasaki engine developing 12.2kW at 3100 rpm and provides sufficient power to handle difficult working conditions whilst providing a high level of fuel efficiency.
The TurboStar mowing system offers excellent grass collection properties. Its enhanced fan features larger diameter, reinforced 8mm blades, and the fan is directly mounted on top of the mower deck for improved material flow into the collection hopper. The mower stops automatically as soon as the hopper is full. This means the hopper’s capacity can be fully utilised, and blockages are avoided.
The SL Series PrecisionCut walk-behind greens mowers save time and money, and provide a top quality finish on golf courses, tennis courts, cricket squares, bowling greens and other fine turf areas.
The 180SL, 220SL and 260SL feature a fixed-head version of the patented SpeedLink technology and all have the same quiet and powerful 4hp Honda petrol engine. The dual-traction provides excellent manoeuvrability and straight tracking on greens. The mowers also feature low noise and vibration levels, and easy bedknife-to-reel adjustment.
Height of cut adjustments can be made much more quickly and easily, from just one side of the machine. Cutting height is precisely adjustable from 22.2mm to 2mm with the standard 11 blade.
The XUV 550 and XUV 550 S4 Gators extend the largest range of utility vehicles in the industry even further.
A powerful 12.1k V-twin OHV air-cooled petrol engine provides acceleration to a top speed of 45kph. It also includes an enclosed CVT transmission, all-round hydraulic disc brakes and ground clearance of 262mm with underbody skid protection optionally available.
The durable composite cargo box carries up to 181kg, and can be lifted from both sides. Using the standard heavy-duty 51mm rear receiver hitch, the vehicles can also tow up to 500kg.
These 4×4 Gators, in green and yellow will be available in two and four-passenger. The XUV 550 S4 model features a stretched chassis that adds a roomy rear bench seat to the two standard front bucket seats.

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