Rain Bird irrigation innovations at BTME 2024

Rain Bird’s sports turf irrigation solutions are just one of the highlights at BTME 2024, Stand 132. Alongside the new 11000 Series Rotor range and 952 Series rotors, the company will also be introducing new low cost Pressure Compensating surface Dripline and unveiling API (Application Programming Interface) capability for the IQ4 central irrigation control platform.

For those looking for high specification sports turf irrigation packages, the introduction of the  11000 Rotor Series is highly significant. The range addresses familiar issues such as wind drift, irrigation distribution uniformity and the need to conserve water – and these are achieved without the higher operating pressures required by many other irrigation rotors. With a full 32 metre radius, the 11000 Series facilitates irrigation over larger areas, reducing the number of heads needed to irrigate a typical pitch by up to 40% compared with traditional rotor solutions. The complementary 952 Series Rotors have a similar throw radius to ensure head to head coverage across a complete pitch. There are full 360º as well as part circle irrigation versions, adjustable from 30º.

To provide complete control and flexible irrigation programming, Rain Bird’s ESP-LXIVM controller  features a smart Solenoid module for real time diagnostics with simplified troubleshooting. With wireless communication via a network cartridge, contractors and grounds staff can also capitalise on the benefits of IQ4 central control platform and manage installations remotely.

For irrigation and professionals looking for value for money, low water volume  irrigation, the new Pressure Compensating Dripline (PCD) ticks all the boxes. It offers the same fast installation, durability in performance and water saving characteristics of the established XFD On-Surface Dripline range – but is around just two thirds of the cost. PCD Dripline also stands out from many other lower cost drip irrigation products as it also features integral pressure compensating emitters. It is well suited to the irrigation of ground cover, dense planting as well as other landscaped areas.

Having a complete insight into all energy data used to manage building systems is essential for optimum management and conservation. Many customers now want information on irrigation performance and Rain Bird is addressing their requirements with the development of its API (Application Programming Interface) for IQ4. This enables communication with a Building Management System and interface with other third party systems to export detailed irrigation data. Overall water usage, consumption over specific time periods, programs, watering schedules, station run times, flow rates, water pressure and other details managed within the IQ4 platform can all be accessed to provide an integrated view of water, energy and other resources.

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