Growing ornamental crops on Hadlow curriculum thanks to Provender Nurseries

Provender Nurseries and Hadlow College are collaborating on a new venture involving students and learning in line with the college curriculum.  Students of all levels of horticulture are learning real commercial experience of growing ornamental crops for sale with Provender Nurseries.  

Resulting from a discussion between Richard McKenna, Managing Director of Provender Nurseries and Alan Harvey, Head of Faculty for Horticulture, over 5000 plants and liners have been planted up by students for growing on as part of their college curriculum.  The resulting ornamental crops will be sold at Provender Nurseries later in the year.   

Provender Nurseries have a long history and passion for working with students and encouraging education that is useful when in the industry.  

All of the plants supplied have been potted up by students with the supervision of Stuart Tickner, Nursery Manager at Provender Nurseries and Hadlow College teaching staff.  The plants range in size, source and habitats resulting in a focused growing regime that benefits both plants as students as a valuable teaching resource not sure what this bit means  The wide range of plants includes Musa, Lavandula, Holboellia, Betula, Miscanthus and Ilex crenata and ranges in size from 2L pots to specimen plants in 45L pots.  All plants are being cold grown either under glass.  

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