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Korane Idarousse speaks to some of the visitors to our Saltex stand

“I like to do the things the guys don’t want to do like pulling the weeds, they all like to do the big manual stuff. Primarily I would like to help elderly people, those who struggle or don’t have the time. A lot of people want a garden but forget that it takes time and care. It’s a niche and that’s why I’m here, I want to explore more.”

JOHN WESTROPE Finance Broker (for machinery) (Consultant and Broker)
“I always enjoy being here while there isn’t a lot of people, the people that have come have come for a purpose not the tyre kickers. I’ve met a lot of people here, it’s good for networking.”

STEVE Jones Air-Seal products
I’m here to sell our product of sealing tyres it was a bit quiet yesterday but I’ve been told the second day is historic for it’s crowds. It’s a good place to network with tyre people.

. DEREK FRENCH Self employed – ‘French & Parsons’
“ I mainly come to see what’s available, it’s a shame there hasn’t been much about plants but I am quite open minded. I’m interested in finding new companies and enjoy making the most of it.”

KATHY BRACY Environmental Advisor
“There’s a show like this in Wales but you have to pay £25 per day for entry and you miss things. Whereas here it’s free and it’s great. Popped in over 7 years ago with a friend and my husband and we’ve been coming every year since!”

OXFORD, Bampton
“We come every year it’s a very good enjoyable couple of days. It’s great for keeping up with the new stuff. This is our 7th year here.”

“I’m working for Fiat running the stand, making sure the commercial vehicles are kept clean and I’m really here to work and network, its great to be here to gain new contacts.”

STEPHEN EAVES Associate publisher – ‘Union Press LTD.’
“I’m here to understand market trends, latest developments and any new products brought to market. I cannot begin to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed this event.”
“ I travel all over the world, hopping from one plane to another, visiting some of the most sophisticated destinations on the planet but I always look forward to my few days in Windsor”

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