Moisture management by Draintalent on show at SALTEX

The award-winning, sustainable solution to optimal pitch moisture management will be on show by DrainTalent as they make their return to SALTEX. With facilities across Europe discovering the many benefits that the unique circular soil monitoring system can bring to pitch quality, play conditions and plant health, the team will be on hand to explain all at the NEC  this November.

Innovative and unique in its operation, DrainTalent continuously monitors both the moisture content within the profile and the current weather conditions to optimally balance soil conditions in real-time. The installation of a bi-directional, under-pitch drainage system is linked to the DrainTalent – a compact unit which can be safely stored indoors or outdoors, pitch-side. The fully automatic system will identify when it starts raining and will actively begin extracting superfluous water from the top layer. Alternatively, in periods of dry weather, water can be re-infiltrated through the same system to support healthy growth and recovery.

Together with managing moisture, DrainTalent can also force air into the subsoil and up into the soil profile, creating conditions for stronger root growth and a more stable pitch, able to better withstand wear and tear.

Control of the system is simple, with the option of monitoring and adjusting settings from the digital control panel on the unit itself, or remotely via your smart device. The result is a pitch which is healthier, stronger, denser and less prone to some turf diseases. The strength from the improved root network also mean that it can support longer or more frequent play and will recover better following use. In addition, the healthier plant will require fewer inputs and less maintenance, making it more sustainable and more cost-effective to operate in the longer-term.

DrainTalent has proven revolutionary to a number of elite football venues following installations at top-flight clubs across Europe, including FC Utrecht in The Netherlands. Together with the professional market, the promise of increased play hours and reduction in overall maintenance costs also make DrainTalent a serious consideration for clubs at amateur or community level.

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