LANDSCAPE…..Olympia March 15/16/17

LANDSCAPE is the trade exhibition for all those involved with interior & exterior landscaping and landscape gardening. It features manufacturers and suppliers of everything from cut flowers and vases through to pots and flag stones, conservatories and water features.
If you are heading for London’s Olympia March 15/16/17 here are a few stands of special interest…

Agrumi is a wholesale nursery supplying a huge range of garden centre quality plants at competitive prices. They are renowned suppliers of specimin, ornamental, and architectural plants, all forms of topiary, and evergreen screening plants from 1 to 6 metres.
Landscapers will find they offer an intriguing and attractive range, “As well as our stock range of topiary items, we also undertake commisions for bespoke topiary and plant sculpture, the choice is a big as your imagination”, says director Stanley Jackson ( 0778 606 4018)
Readers can register for exclusive prices and discounts.
Tel: 015 9068 3487
Bartlett Tree Experts offers a variety of services to help commercial customers maintain beautiful, healthy trees and shrubs. Their local arborists can diagnose and treat problems to protect plants and help ensure safety
They use an integrated approach to managing insects and diseases on commercial properties that begins with maintaining plant health using sound cultural practices including pruning and creating optimal soil conditions for plant growth.
Periodic inspections at your business site are essential to detect pest and disease infestations before they reach damaging levels. Bartlett arborists are trained to recognise beneficial insects that will help naturally suppress pest populations, and release beneficial bio-control insects to augment existing populations. When treatments are necessary, Bartlett can apply organic and naturally based plant protection materials and products that provide effective pest and disease suppression while protecting people and the environment.
0845 600 9000
Canal Engineering has a wealth of experience, a reputation for design innovation and a commitment to quality that has made them the preferred supplier of many main building contractors for Architectural Metalwork.
Many of Canal Engineering’s projects are for staircases and balustrade, but their experience extends to all aspects of architectural metalwork including; canopies, balconies bespoke railings, sculptures and feature column cladding
“ At Canal Engineering lies a heritage of design innovation, quality manufacture and efficient installation of that stretches back to its formation in 1924. When it comes to creating uninterrupted views of a landscape, CANAL, a division of Canal Engineering, has the knowledge and engineering expertise to transform contemporary design ideas into magnificent glass and architectural metalwork structures that engage with their surroundings”, says Lee Hunt – Architectural Sales Manager
Tel: 0115 986 6321
David Harbers custom-built sundials, garden sculptures and water features have worked their magic on homes and gardens around the world. Their appeal is timeless. But each piece also stands as an original work of garden art, created as a unique commission or as a personalised edition of a classic Harber design.
“Whether it’s celebrating a special occasion or turning a space into the centre of attention be it sundial, sculpture or water feature one of our pieces will fit the bill, “ says Sophie Harber
Tel: +44 (0)1235 859300
Simon Taylor of Euro Grass B.V will be discussing why architects and designers should make Natural Turf Grasses their first choice when specifying for projects.
Advances in turf grass breeding have brought year-on-year improvements. At Euro Grass, significant leaps forward have been to improve turf grass characteristics such as texture, colour, durability, disease resistance, drought resistance, maintenance requirements and general visual appeal.
If you are considering soft landscaping surfaces for your next project, chances are you’ll be thinking of using amenity turf grasses for formal/informal areas. Why not find out how you can improve your ‘green’ credentials.
HotSpring Spas and Hot Tubs have become the UK’s leading One Hot Tub suppliers with over 13,500 happy Hot Tub owners.
“Every person in our organisation is pledged to follow our mission statement.
“To be the dominant choice in the UK market for hot water relaxation products. To conduct business in an ethical manner that defines the standard for the industry. To provide the consumer with the ultimate shopping experience, buying assistance and after Sales follow up, ” says Lynda Smart, UK Sales manager.
One of their most exciting new developments is The Cube which is designed for:
Garden entertainment
Outdoor dining room with cooking area
A comfortable shelter with your own furnishings
Hot tub shelter
Shelter from the sun or wind
Winter home for garden furniture
“The Cube becomes a stylish and contemporary addition to the garden. You can truly make your Cube unique and design your own sliding screens. The installation is carried out by our professional team in half a day and it can be easily re-assembled and moved to another location”
Tel: 0800 849 8 111 (Sales)
Martin Lishman is introducing a ‘ permanent solution for lifelong healthy trees and roots’. Rootwell is an innovative device that provides a vertical channel for water, fertilizers and soil amendments such as compost tea to reach deeper soil horizons, directly irrigating and aerating the critical root zone. This helps to eliminate wasteful run-off and can reduce water application by up to 30%.
Benefits experienced by growers using Rootwell include less soil compaction, improved root development and increased biomass growth. An added advantage is that direct watering to the roots allows any excess water to quickly evaporate, enabling gas exchange to take place at the roots and reducing the risk of suffocation.
It contributes to healthy and sustainable growth by providing access for essential elements such as oxygen, water and nutrients to reach the root zone. The walls of the device are highly permeable, providing oxygen exchange with the soil surrounding the device. This enables the roots to grow deeper in the soil, whereas the roots of trees which are not planted using Rootwell have to make their way to the surface in order to seek oxygen and will be inherently less stable.
Rootwell is available in two sizes. Rootstick is commonly used for smaller plants as well as root maintenance for shrubs. The Rootwell is used when transplanting larger trees, placed inside and outside the planting pit.
Martin Lishman will also be exhibiting the Growing Solutions Compost Tea Systems which have pioneered the use of compost tea all over the world and have consistently been proven to make compost tea with the highest levels of aerobic micro-organisms. Compost tea use in the landscaping industry is the fastest growing area of use. A wide range of benefits are realised with the addition of compost tea to existing plantings as well as new landscaping projects. Visitors will also have the opportunity to find out more about Martin Lishman’s self-propelled pedestrian sprayer .
TEl 01778 426600,
Rigby Taylor is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of product for the improvement, maintenance and construction of sports, amenity and landscape areas, including Grass Seed, Fertilizers, Herbicides, Fungicides, Top Dressings, Soil and Turf Improvers, Line Marking Materials, Sports Equipment and much more.
In fact, everything the greenkeeper or groundsman needs to produce the best surface possible ready for the players to enjoy the game, whether it’s the Cup Final at Wembley or the local village cricket match.
Formed in 1919, and headquartered in Bolton, England, the Company launched its first turf fertilizer products in the 1930’s and since then has developed the most comprehensive range of products available for professional groundsmen, greenkeepers and landscapers.
Tel: 0800 424919 (Freefone)
Smart Direct are importers of artificial grass selling direct to the trade – landscapers, garden centres, building suppliers and local councils – in fact anyone installing artificial grass. They have 5 types of artificial grass from very hard wearing to natural looking or show garden style. If you are trade and interested in any of their products contact Andrew Simpson
Tel- 0844 800 9660 (M) 07951 717124
Lumena Lights offer a range of high quality, robust and professional energy saving bollard lights.
“ We provide a safe, and secure solution to outdoor lighting in a wide variety of situations. For example, gardens, drives, car parks, rural or urban walkways or the front of buildings.
“Our lights really are a sensible choice; when fitted with an energy saving lamp they will save money when compared to large inefficient post lights, and also provide contemporary style and great quality,” says Leanne Martin
The two main bollard designs are called ‘Lighthouse’ and ‘Fortress’ and have a rating of IP65. This higher than usual IP rating means total protection against water and dust, (this includes jets of water from garden hoses etc.). These bollards are manufactured to very high standards, and designed to be durable, long lasting and vandal resistant.
The bollard base or body is made from extruded rust free aluminium and has a wall thickness of 2.5mm. High quality assembly screws are made from Stainless steel, (rust free). All of their bollard heads comprise of heavy duty die cast aluminium components, as well as the bollards’ mounting base and bulb holder assembly.
Telephone: +44(0) 1327 871161

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