Kress innovates in battery power at SALTEX

A game-changer in every way, Kress is leading the charge with breakthrough innovation in battery-powered technology, built to deliver the performance and power of petrol. Come and see the future of sustainable gardening at SALTEX.

As a part of the well-established Positec family of brands, Kress is recognised for its superior quality engineering that has been synonymous with reliability, quality, and industry leading standards for over 50 years. The line of Kress commercial-grade outdoor power equipment, and the Kress 8-minute-charge CyberSystem batteries deliver unmatched power, setting the groundbreaking standard for commercial equipment. The commercial Kress 8-minute Cybersystemâ„¢ battery platform, designed for commercial landscapers, offers 4Ah and 11Ah batteries that recharge to 100% in 8 minutes or 80% in 5 minutes, the fastest in the industry. The Cybersystem battery platform powers a full line of Kress professional outdoor power equipment.

Also on exhibit are the boundary-free RTKn robot mowers, extending unmanned mowing to larger areas, operating in parallel lines, and moving autonomously without wires or on-site aerials.

Kress are dedicated to the commitment towards a future that will forever eliminate the need for petrol-powered equipment. Start your transition to zero-emissions landscaping today.

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