Hunters Grinders

Hunters Grinders at SALTEX 2023

A year on from when Hunters Grinders and Lloyds Mowers joined the Howardson Group, the team are returning to SALTEX 2023 where visitors will be able to see a range of the company’s leading grinding machinery.

The Jupiter ATI series 6 flagship model will be on show –  it is a fully automatic grinder which combines the accuracy of full relief grinding, full spin grinding and also relief and spin grinding, with the ability to grind bottom blades, in one machine. Further benefits include:

  • Fully programmable, with automatic traverse, indexing and infeed, returning cylinders and bottom blades back to manufacturers specification.

  • Will grind up to 42-inch cylinders and bottom blades out of situ.

  • No need to change grinding wheels between spin and relief modes.

  • The Jupiter ATI series 6 will achieve the highest standard of accuracy automatically.

  • It absorbs shock, vibration, and noise.

  • The grinder converts to a precision bottom blade grinder in under a minute.

  • Variable cylinder speeds in spin mode for increased operator control.

  • Automatic docking mode for the grinding head, should you wish to stop the machine mid-operation, again giving the operator greater control and flexibility over the grinding process.

  • A countdown to indicate the number of cycles completed on full spin grinding allows the operator to take that coffee break without losing sequence.

The Amazon, a dedicated bottom blade grinder, which grinds top and front of the blade at the same time and is fully automatic with full guarding, will also be on display.

 Hunter Grinders will be on STAND  E071.

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