Headland to launch improved Turfite

Headland Amenity will be launching an updated and improved formulation of their popular Turfite product at BTME 2020. Visitors to Stand 272 in the Red Zone can hear how Turfite Elite is already showing excellent results in the company’s leading ‘20-20-30’ non-pesticidal tank mix, in the fight to minimise incidences of turf disease. 

New Turfite Elite is based on potassium phosphite and Salicylic acid – a known systemic acquired resistance (SAR) elicitor which provides a clear disease suppression pathway, by triggering the SAR mechanism. By stimulating stronger root development, it has demonstrated in trials to contribute to a stronger grass plant that is less susceptible to stress-related disease. As well as ’20-20-30’, Turfite Elite is also fully compatible with a number of other Headland products including Seamac Ultra Plus and TeMag Elite. It is available in 10 and 100 litre containers, and cost and rates of use are exactly the same as the previous Turfite formulation.

As leaders in integrated disease management, Headland have been trialling effective non-pesticidal products with the STRI since 2007. These products and combinations have been refined over this period and now provide established results in the field. The company will use Harrogate as a platform to launch two new biostimulant, seaweed-based products, together with a new non-pesticidal disease management concept. 

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