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EverEdge have been producing a range of galvanised steel landscape edging products for nearly two decades. During this time, the range has constantly evolved to meet new demands and customer specifications. A modern trend, as seen in a great many garden shows over the last five years has been for a more prominent use of rusty steel.
In response to this new trend, EverEdge can now offer a range of edging in Cor-Ten steel. Cor-Ten was developed to eliminate the need for painting or galvanising steel and form a stable, rust effect. The steel forms a rusty patina on the surface of the metal which produces a corrosion retardant layer. This protective layer regenerates continuously when subjected to the influence of the weather giving the steel an extraordinarily long life.
EverEdge can make to order any product from its range using this material and can make bespoke products in depths from 75 mm to 1,000 mm and in thicknesses of 1.5 mm up to 10 mm.
As an alternative, EverEdge can also be made using plain mild steel which would rust naturally, often referred to as ‘natural weathering steel’. The life expectancy of this would be lower than both the galvanised steel and the Cor-Ten steel but it would be a very cost-effective option for those who would like a rusty metal effect for their edging.
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