Time saving solutions the focus for GKB Machines at BTME 2024

Time is a precious and ever-decreasing commodity when it comes to completing operations around the golf course. That’s why the multi-functional Sandfiller will be taking centre stage on the GKB stand, when they return to BTME in 2024.

The GKB Sandfiller is designed to tackle the problem of surface drainage and aeration on sports turf and golf courses, especially on greens. A true multi-tasker, the Sandfiller scarifies and simultaneously backfills with sand, or a combination of sand and seed, in a single pass. Delivering the perfect conditions for excellent root growth and optimal plant health, theSandfiller can be operated by one person, where other similar methods demand more time and labour.

Tried and tested by contractors and courses up and down the country, the heart of the Sandfiller utilises the principles of GKB’s much-praised Combinator – carbide blades effectively slitting the surface and creating channels to be easily refilled with dried sand and leaving a clean, play-ready finish in its wake.

Alongside the Sandfiller on stand 644 will be the equally versatile Combiseeder. Four working widths of Combiseeder are available, all equipped with twin spiked rollers which create 1500 holes per square metre, and two brushes to ensure seed is accurately deposited into the pockets for optimal germination conditions. Facilitating routine overseeding quickly and efficiently, the GKB Combiseeder proves an effective tool in retaining sward density and preventing weed, annual meadow grass or moss ingress as more chemical remedies are removed from the market.

The Sandfiller and Combiseeder are just two of a broad portfolio of quality-built maintenance solutions from GKB Machines, further details of which can be found by speaking to the technical team on hand across the three days in January.

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