SISIS innovation showcased at BTME

At BTME 2024 SISIS will be presenting a selected range of products designed for fine turf surfaces and sports pitches.

With a rich legacy in the industry, SISIS is renowned for its commitment to simplicity and efficiency, and these attributes can be seen in the range of products on display at their new location on Stand 216 in Hall 2.

The 1.2m Multitiner, a drum-type tractor-mounted aerator, stands out for its uncomplicated design and low maintenance requirements. Ideal for fine turf and sports fields, this aerator offers versatility in various aeration methods, including solid, chisel, and hollow tining, with a maximum depth of 100mm and minimal surface disturbance. Fast and effective, this aerator will leave minimal surface disturbance.

The TM1000, a tractor-mounted scarifier and linear aerator, takes centre stage with its unrivalled ability to remove and control thatch, helping to reduce standing water by improving water infiltration. Equipped with a collector box, floating unit, and contra-rotating reel for a clean, consistent groove, the TM1000 features interchangeable blades and a tool-free depth setting, ensuring an excellent finish.

Ideal for renovation and repair work, SISIS also presents the Variseeder, a versatile tractor-mounted seeder with a variable seeding rate, perfect for golf course maintenance, lawns, and amenity areas. This low-maintenance seeder boasts a fast work rate and enables overseeding without taking ground out of play.

The SISIS Flexibrush, a tractor-mounted brush with a 5.35-meter working width, emerges as an ideal solution for both synthetic and natural turf surfaces. Floating brush sections follow ground contours efficiently, making it effective for controlling worm casts, dispersing top dressings, and standing grass up before cutting, ultimately enhancing the cut and presentation.

Throughout the event, knowledgeable SISIS staff will be on hand at Stand 216 to offer valuable insights and advice on the showcased machinery.

For further information or a no obligation demonstration, please contact SISIS on 01332 824 777 or visit

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