Boddingtons……Saltex 2011

Boddingtons offer a large range of permeable grass reinforcement and gravel retention solutions to suit varying levels of traffic ranging from heavy goods vehicles / coaches to pedestrians.
BodPave®85 is a porous plastic paver that provides a permeable grass or gravel surface for HGV’s, cars and pedestrians. Manufactured from 100% recycled material BodPave®85 has a load bearing of 400t/m². BodPave®85 is flexible in application and available in a choice of colours to suit different grass/aggregate types. Applications include grass or gravel car parks, driveways, access roads, walkways and emergency access routes. It is an essential source control pavement layer with in a sustainable urban drainage system (SUDS).
For well drained existing grass surfaces that are prone to wear, rutting and smearing from occasional usage, GrassProtecta grass protection mesh is the market leading solution. The thick plastic reinforcement mesh is pinned to the grass and allows the grass to grow through the mesh promoting the roots to intertwine with the mesh filaments creating a stable reinforced surface. Applications include overflow grass car parks, pedestrian paths, disabled access and lawns. Supplied on rolls 1m & 2m wide x 10m & 20m long in 11mm or 14mm thick grades.
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