Stem Injection Systems….Saltex 2011

Stem Injection Systems, (D19) supplier of the innovative stem injection system for treating non-native invasive plant species, reinforces its ongoing product development programme at this year’s show with the introduction of a number of new ancillary products.
Foremost amongst them is its new 303 Stainless Needle, a more durable version which will last twice as long as the standard needle. Machined out of marine grade steel, the new needle has been developed to enhance the injection process. It is lighter but more robust to withstand the rigours of injecting non-native invasive species.
Used primarily for the injection of Japanese Knotweed and Giant Hogweed, the new 303 needle will allow a measured amount of herbicide to be directly released into the plant’s hollow stem and, when used correctly, can now withstand over 3,000 injections.
Ipswich Borough Council, which first met the company in 2007, have continued to use stem injection equipment to manage parkland and open spaces across the borough ever since. Not only has stem injection kept the council on course to complete its five year knotweed eradication programme ahead of schedule, but it has also recently opened up new commercial opportunities to treat infested sites within the private sector.
Joint managing director, Richard Podmore commented: “The stem injection system has become increasingly popular since first introduced at SALTEX several years ago. Rather than rest on our laurels we continually try to develop minor modifications that will improve product performance and treatment effectiveness. We look forward to showing these off to existing and prospective clients at this year’s show.”

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