Zero-turn mowers save time

There is no question zero-turn mowers save time and they are fast without the furious! The ability for a zero-turn mower to turn on the proverbial sixpence and reduce the need for extra manoeuvring is no idle boast. You get to the end of the cutting row, make a quick 180-degree turn, align the deck edge with the row just cut and off you go again. There’s no need to stop or back up and you lose no time when you reach the end of each row. 

Add in a wide range of deck options available for a zero-turn mower and you will be able to shave even more time off your regular mow. 

Some homeowners and professionals alike are looking to Ariens, which offer cutting decks as small as 34 inches or as large as 60 inches across. The bigger the deck the faster the job is done. 

And with comfort in mind most Ariens zero-turn mowers come with high-back, plush and adjustable seats with some mowers in the line-up including armrests. The controls are positioned in ergonomic and easily accessible locations so the operator can simply enjoy the ride. Two levers are all you need to drive, brake and steer. Spinning on the spot is achieved by either pushing the left or right hand forward, eliminating the need for three-point turns at the end of the cutting pass.

Faster speed coupled with the elimination of going over already cut grass demonstrates how efficient the zero-turn is. Typical speeds of ride-on mowers and garden tractors are 3 to 4 miles per hour. An Ariens zero-turn whisks along at 5 to 8mph with smooth acceleration, into that quick one-eighty spin and back down the line without the furious turning, backing and turning again.

Speed isn’t everything, you may say and Ariens will agree. You need to know your zero-turn investment is durable. You will find Ariens zero-turn mowers are generally built with thicker gauge steel than lawn tractors. The frame is a fully welded tubular design which is much stronger than the traditional C-channel frames of ride-on mowers. The options of deep, fully fabricated steel cutting decks offer the durability you’re looking for while promoting maximum airflow and a superior cut. The decks on Ariens zero-turns are aerodynamically designed so the grass is pulled towards the blades and clippings are discharged evenly. Adjustment between different cutting positions is effortless.

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