Top compact tractors

Top compact tractors for 2023

Search for our pick of top compact tractors!  These handy machines require a little investment,  so it pays to do some research before you splash the cash.  Here are some top  brands chosen by landscapers and groundscare professionals

John Deere 4066R |

  The 4066R is an economical and versatile machine suitable for a wide variety of customers, including landscape contractors and grounds care maintenance service providers.

A four-wheel-drive, it is equipped with a powerful turbocharged 4-cylinder diesel engine with Diesel Particular Filter (DPF), as well as an eHydro transmission, which comes with Twin Touch foot pedals for quick and easy operation, and a new intuitive control console at the operator’s command.

Each 4066 machine packs 65 horsepower, but the 4R-spec takes operators to the next level  – a premium model that comes with a host of intelligent features.  Highlights include the standard Air Ride seat for all-day productivity, a convenient rear-mounted auxiliary hitch control, and an optional self-levelling Quik-Park loader a user can attach in fewer than three minutes, designed for easy, too-free mounting and removal.

A wide range of efficient and powerful lift and towing hitches for both the front and rear is available for the 4066, increasing the versatility of the tractor.


Siromer 35hp ‘Lightning’ |

Siromer Tractors welcome a new, one-meter wide original tractor to the UK market. Great for manoeuvring the tight quarters that many smallholders work with, but not compromising on strength and durability. Championing a 35hp, 4-cylinder engine this smaller 4 wheel drive keeps to Siromer core values of effective simplicity.  The Siromer Lightning provides an easy to use dash panel with all key controls at a comfortable reaching distance.

The Lightning will work with a multitude of rear mounted attachments on its Cat 1, three-point linkage. This 8 forward and 8 reverse shuttle gear box tractor, also has a dual stage clutch which is vital for the use of any PTO driven equipment. A folding roll bar and power steering complete this practical and efficient tractor.

It’s a machine designed for customers whose labour requires a nimble and manoeuvrable tractor with a plethora of strength and durability. There is a choice of turf or agricultural tyres for this powerful workhorse, including the option of wider 13.5-inch agricultural tyres.

Reesink |

Farmtrac, supported by UK distributor Reesink Agriculture.  has three, jam-packed compacts with innovative features for landscapers.

The industry’s first all-electric model, the FT25G can run for up to six hours and be left to charge overnight using a domestic three pin socket for eight hours and still outperform a comparable 25hp diesel tractor in applications such as mowing and transporting materials.

A crowd favourite, the FT26, with its light and narrow body, is known for its ability to get results in smaller, tighter areas without compromising on performance, while its 750kg capacity means it’s more than capable of handling field work.

Packed full of all the key features of a larger tractor, the FT22 doesn’t come up short when it comes to its capabilities. Powered by a 21.3hp three-cylinder Mitsubishi diesel engine, it comes as standard with selectable 4WD, a folding ROPS, selectable four-wheel drive and the choice of turf, agricultural or industrial tyres.

With five-year warranties on the FT22 and FT26 and three years for the FT25G and the backup, servicing and history of award-winning distributor Reesink Agriculture, it’s a hard combination to beat.

Kubota LX 351 |

The Kubota LX35135hp tractor is powerful but small enough to navigate around an estate and capable of being equipped with attachments for mowing, towing, hedge cutting and lifting and moving pallets to where they are needed.

Optional attachments such as the LA545 front loader and Kubota inter-axle mower deck significantly expand the range of applications and capacity of the LX.

A 400-acre family estate in Lincolnshire has described the machine as the “Swiss Army knife” of compact tractors saying:  “The LX351 has proven itself to be a real workhorse, from lifting pallets on and off delivery vehicles, assisting with pruning trees, felling and planting jobs throughout the winter and spring and assisting with the apple harvest in September and October. Attachments are easy to switch with the ‘quick attach’ mechanism and all of the controls and features are designed for comfort, making for a very pleasant operator experience. The cut quality with the mid-mounted deck has also been superb, navigating around the newly planted saplings where the gap is no more than four metres.”


Kioti CX 2510 |

There are three models to choose from in the CX10 series. The difference lies in the type of transmission and comfort level from the mechanical transmission option, the CX2510-EU ROPS model, to the hydrostatic ROPS model (H model) or the flagship of the CX range: the CX2510 CH which has a hydrostatic transmission and a factory fitted air conditioned cabin. The CX2510 CH model is used extensively by local authorities for winter maintenance and grass cutting.

On the HST models, the twin pedals are marked by arrows to indicate their respective direction of travel. Their position is conveniently located so as to eliminate driver fatigue. The 24.5 HP Kioti 3 cylinder diesel engine is economical, has minimal vibration and low noise levels. A one touch single piece bonnet protects the engine and lifts easily to give great clear access to the service points of the engine.

Cruise HST and linked pedal are standard on the CX HST models. All models including the mechanical ROPS model are fitted with an integrated front loader joystick. The Kioti 3000 hour, 5 year warranty if also on offer for each purchase.


Iseki TXGS24|

The 23hp TXGS24 Iseki has hydrostatic transmission, independent rear and mid PTO, three auxiliary valves with optional front loader, mid mount decks and collector making it the ideal multi-purpose groundcare tractor.

If implements are needed on the rear of the tractor, the Category 1 3-point linkage lifts up to 530 kg, suitable for a wide range of attachments.

Supplied with industrial or turf tyres as standard, plus third function kits for multi-service buckets, manure or pallet forks are also available for the front loader.

Spacious and comfortable operator platforms reduce fatigue whilst the intuitive operator controls enable the machine to be safely used by a range of users.  Foldable ROPS allow for easy storage in garages or containers thanks to its low height.

Despite it’s compact dimensions the TXGS24 truly delivers just as much, if not more than a tractor twice its size. Available with a Free Loader with any new TXGS24 purchased and installed before 31st May 2023.




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