Low emission chainsaw by ECHO

A reduced emissions version of the ECHO best-selling CS-620SX was recently launched in early 2020. Designed and manufactured in Japan, the new CS-621SX heavy-duty rear handle low emission chainsaw retains the power and dependability of its predecessor, but boasts a new 59.8cc low emission, professional-grade 2-stroke ECHO engine. 

For a heavy-duty saw, it is surprisingly lightweight at only 6.3kg (dry weight), but it maintains its cutting performance, which exceeds that of many higher capacity machines. Its balance and ergonomic design offer manoeuvrability and precision, with dual bumper spikes enabling better control when sawing through stumps and thicker branches. 

There’s a decompression button for easy starting, a side-access chain tensioner and drop prevention nuts which can’t be lost during maintenance. A rotating plastic chain catcher is designed to help protect the user from potential injury while also preventing chain damage. The heavy-duty aluminum handle has a secure rubber grip and reduces vibration in the hand. Fuel and oil caps are made larger for easier filling and the fuel tank is translucent to show the fuel level. The ‘G-FORCE’ air cleaner system features a large air filter to keep out debris. 


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