Top mowers to look out for professional landscapers

Toro GrandStand services larger areas fast

Speedier mowing in tight spaces is the gain for commercial groundscare contractor Landscape Services since it added a Toro GrandStand to its fleet. (see main image)  The Kent and Southeast provider bolstered its Toro fleet with the mower last year to help it quicken operations in awkward areas. Smaller and more compact than traditional units, the mower allows Landscape Services greater access to smaller areas than a ride-on, it reports.

“Adding the Toro GrandStand allowed us to service larger areas quickly, regardless of whether they had small points of access,” says head of operations Mike Harris. “This meant more efficient mowing and better use of staff time, which has proven the machine popular with both management and our operational teams.”

The mower blends the speed and comfort of a zero-turn rider with the on-and-off ease of a wide area walk-behind, creating a fast, manoeuvrable and more productive option.

The GrandStand complements the company’s fleet of Toro TM7490 gang units and CT triple cylinder mowers, which have helped the contractor consistently deliver the high levels of customer satisfaction it has strived for over its 80-plus years in business, Mike adds.

“It’s good to have a combination of mowers to cover all surface requirements. The cylinder mowers give a finer cut, which works well for cricket outfields and customers who prefer the more aesthetic appeal.

“The additional access available with the GrandStand means quicker work, less disruption to the customer and improved overall customer satisfaction,” says Mike, aided by Toro UK sole distributor Reesink’s “helpful, knowledgeable advice and guidance”.

Further tech investment is on the cards, Mike reports. “Over the next couple of years we will be looking to innovate via our fleet of machines, to reduce maintenance costs, support a positive carbon footprint and diversify our portfolio with mixed specialist technology.”

Makita adds outdoor machines to XGT battery platform

Makita has unveiled two cordless mowers to further strengthen its professional range.

The 40VMax XGT LM003G and LM004G, powered by Makita’s XGT technology, feature a high-torque motor to make quick work of grass cutting tasks, quietly.

The LM003G 380mm mowers advanced blade design delivers “superb performance”, Makita says. Tilting down towards the mower front helps minimise double-cutting and reduces machine load, cutting energy consumption, creating superior cutting feel and giving better grass collection, it adds.

With similar blade design, the LM004G is a slightly larger model that also has two blade options available for different applications.

Both mowers can be fitted with a mulching blade to fine-cut clippings and scatter them evenly, while both offer 50-minute continuous runtime, depending on the setting and grass conditions. Additional features can improve comfort and ease of use.  Redesigned switch lever cuts the turning force required and easy-to-operate handle lock levers allow operators to lock and release each side of the handle in a single action without tools.

The models offer simple cutting height adjustment with easy-to-grip egg-shaped lever tops and u-shaped notches, and can be washed with water on the inside, provided high-pressure water is not used.

Cordless scarifier

Also new is Makita’s first cordless scarifier, the UV001G 40VMax XGT brushless 380mm lawn scarifier, available as a body-only model (UV001GZ), or complete with 2x 5.0Ah batteries and charger (UV001GM201).

Its 1.7kW output allows it to cut through the toughest lawn thatching to improve airflow and nutrient penetration, Makita says. Operating between 5 and -12mm, the machine comes with vertical cutting blade for aerating soil below the top surface of the lawn, and a thatching blade to remove deposited lawn clippings and surface moss.

Two more ride-ons expand EGO battery line

Hard on the heels of its zero-turn Z6 ride-ons, outdoor power equipment manufacturer EGO Power Plus introduces two tractor mowers.

The twin-blade units utilise up to six EGO ARC Lithium™ 56V portable batteries, providing equal power and performance as equivalent petrol machines. Such batteries allow operators to tailor capacity to run-time, cost and usage in other EGO tools.

“Our latest ride-on tractors set the standard in battery-powered collection and side-discharge mowers,” states EGO group product director Vince Brauns. “Users can now cut substantially sized lawns in comfort and with complete confidence in battery longevity.”

The TR3800E-B 98cm ride-on collection tractor mower and TR4200E 107cm ride-on side discharge version both include powerful twin blades and pressed steel decks to blend power and performance with robust durability.

The mowers feature front mounting to house up to six batteries featuring EGO’s Peak Power technology to let the machines draw on their combined power at once. The CHV1600E 1600W fast charger available with the mowers fully charges six 10Ah EGO 56V ARC Lithium™ batteries in as little as three hours.

Centrally mounted LCD control display permits easy adjustments to travel and blade speeds, delivering real-time data on battery capacity. A spring-assisted adjuster with eight pre-sets provide 25mm to 100mm cutting heights, while Bluetooth connectivity enables the operator to remotely monitor machine performance and ensure batteries are charged ready for cutting.

Driver comfort includes an adjustable spring suspension seat and large, wide tyres for a smoother ride, added grip and better weight distribution to protect lawn integrity. LED headlights allow safe use in low-light conditions and a front bumper helps protect the chassis from potential impact damage.

The TR3800E-B can collect or mulch and includes 300l box to maximise cutting times. Large handles make for easy, ergonomic removing and replacing – a single level makes emptying the box quick and simple.

The TR4200E offers even greater productivity when collection isn’t required, covering up to two acres with its 107cm cutting width on a single charge.

Silent power | Electric drive

The latest Kubota Generation of Zero-Turn Mowers, the Ze Electric Zero-Turn range, with the Ze-421 and Ze-481  have been recently released. (Picture: Kubota ZE-481)

The “heart” of the Ze is a 48V / 10kW battery which is located at the rear of the machine, pretty much where an engine would sit. This battery has the capacity for over 15 000m² of mowing operation. The Ze has a unique feature in that the battery pack can be quickly and easily removed and another fully charged battery fitted. A second battery and fitting trolley is available which will allow the operator to work continuously during the busy grass cutting season.

Recharging of the battery can be done from the charge connector on the Ze or independently away from the machine. A charger which is compatible with both European and UK domestic plugs is provided and a full battery recharge takes approximately 5 hours.

There are a total of three electric drive motors on the Ze. Two drive motors (one for each wheel) and one drive motor for the mower deck. The battery discharge can be optimised as the drive power to the cutting deck can be adapted to suit the working conditions. There is a choice of three working modes – ECO, Standard and Boost. The key difference is the blade speed and the mode can be set according to the work required.

Kubota know how and technology is incorporated into all areas of these machines. A prime example is the K-sense. Forward speed to deck cutting speed is continuously monitored to provide optimum performance. Should the deck encounter a heavy load, the forward speed would compensate and slow down to ensure the best possible cutting quality. When the load reduces the travel speed automatically increases.

The Ze Series is available with 42” or 48” side discharge mower decks. Both deck options can be fitted with a mulching kit.

Simplicity and comfort incorporated

The deck lifting and lowering is a low effort foot pedal control. Quick-dial deck height setting adjustment ensures cutting height can be set quickly and easily. When the motion drive levers return to neutral the auto parking brake is engaged for safe dismount.

A deluxe high back seat with position adjustment, armrests and additional lumbar support ensures ultimate comfort.

Right from the start of development, the engineers knew that meeting the environmental targets set could not be at the expense of productivity, performance and comfort. The end result is the Ze Series which incorporates the best of both.

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