Watch out thieves about!

The theft of plant and machinery by professional thieves is a widespread problem causing financial and logistical nightmares to those who have had experience of it. Work sites are proving a magnet for criminals who know that thousands of pounds worth of machinery, tools and equipment are held in a relatively small space.
TER’s mission is to reduce plant and equipment theft and to improve stolen equipment recovery rates through the provision of a range of services to the police and law enforcement agencies, and to the industries which manufacture, finance, insure, own, use, trade, and auction plant and equipment.
We spoke to manager Gareth Barkwill. ” Some people see the theft of plant to be a victimless crime, well it’s not, at end of the day we all pay the price with higher insurance premiums. You can register all your machinery with us for less than £150.”
We can all do more to protect our property like locking it up in a secure building if possible – Insurance companies note that you are registered with TER and some offer a reduction in premiums.
When buying used machinery
1. So that you always have traceability should anything subsequently go wrong, make sure
that you view and buy the item from the business or home address of the seller and get a
receipt which shows the full address. Never arrange to meet half-way or at service station or
2. Look for any previous owner decals or postcode markings – if you find any, contact them
to make sure they have sold it.
3. Make sure you have supporting documentation such as the manual and, if applicable, the
keys. If they cannot provide them, be suspicious.
4. Has any livery or decals been removed? If so, be cautious.
5. Beware if the sale price is less than the current market value.
6. If a deal seems too good to be true it probably is – don’t be greedy.
7. Trust your instincts… if the deal doesn’t feel right, walk away – there are other items for
8. Always check the identification – has it been tampered with? Is the serial number plate
9. Always check for theft and finance before you buy! You just need the make, model and serial number! See for more details.
10. Don’t ignore a possible stolen item. If you believe you have viewed a stolen item, call the
police or The Equipment Register (TER).
You may have walked away but someone else may buy it. You may also be helping a victim to get their item back. Remember, one day that victim could be you.

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