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Iveco have launched the strongest and most versatile vehicle in its extensive line-up of Daily light commercial vehicles at with the introduction of the Daily 4×4 to the UK market – built specifically to tackle off road missions, uneven ground, steep gradients and slippery tracks.
The Daily 4×4 is built onto a high-strength steel frame to ensure a robust foundation able to withstand the high stresses imposed by off road operation. It is available in two gross vehicle weight models (3.5 and 5.5 tonnes), with a choice of wheelbase (3,050 or 3,400 mm) and in two cab versions – three-seat day cab or six-seat crew cab.
The cab is mounted high on the chassis frame to allow maximum suspension travel, with additional exterior steps into the cab provided for the driver and passengers, whilst a new steel front bumper houses the fog and dipped beam headlamp units.
In addition to the normal and wide angle mirrors mounted on the side of the cab, the new vehicle is equipped with a close proximity mirror on the passenger side of the vehicle which allows the driver to see obstacles in this ‘blind-spot’.
Underrun protection is provided at the rear of the chassis to guarantee protection in the event of a rear end collision. This feature can also be swivelled upwards and locked into position in order not to compromise off road operation.
Standard seating comprises a single multi-adjustable driver’s seat and a dual passenger seat in the regular cab, plus the option of seating for up to five passengers and a driver in the factory-built crew cab.

TEl +44 (0) 1923 259513

(Watch out for a review of this vehicle in The Landscaper.. August 009 )

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