Road-legal golf buggy…ePower Trucks,

THE world’s first road-legal golf buggy has arrived in the UK, “We offer low cost alternative to electric and hybrid cars” Jerry Hanss, Managing Director for ePower Trucks told The Landscaper
With a top speed of 25mph and a range of 30 miles on a full battery charge, the EMerge electric vehicle is aimed at specific, lower mileage applications. “Costing less than 4p per mile to run, EMerge is the most cost-effective green vehicle on the market.
“Golf buggies are very low cost and fun vehicles to drive, but until now they have not met the appropriate safety standards for road use outside America.
“Our EMerge ticks all the right boxes for road safety and is still a very cost-competitive product. We think there is a substantial niche market for this type of vehicle. It is designed for very specific applications – and it is the most efficient, cost-effective, clean and green vehicle for those applications.”
ePower Trucks, based in Oldham, North West England, expects EMerge to replicate the success of low speed, Neighbourhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs) in North America – in states like California and Florida, the buggies are used as second or third cars, perfect for short trips to the shops or the work commute.
ePower Trucks has fitted some additional features to combat the British weather, including an onboard heater and all-weather enclosure.
The company is looking for full-service dealers in the UK to sell and support EMerge. For further details, please contact Jerry Hanss at ePower Trucks on 0161 6269628 or visit

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