Gator makeover…John Deere XUV 855D 4×4

Power steering, improved braking and suspension and increased load capacity are among 13 new features on John Deere’s latest XUV Gator utility vehicle.
The newly styled XUV 855D 4×4 Gator has been designed for even greater performance and productivity, especially in challenging off-road conditions. There are three new versions for 2011, replacing the existing 850D model.
These include the basic 855D in the company’s traditional green and yellow livery, and two models equipped with power steering in a choice of green and yellow or olive and black liveries. All retain the XUV’s true four-wheel drive traction system, activated by a dash-mounted electronic switch. This on-demand system incorporates lockable front and rear differentials to maintain excellent traction on all types of terrain.
The new Gator’s liquid cooled, three-cylinder diesel engine is rated at a full 25hp. This is the most powerful engine in its class, with the highest top speed at 32mph (52kph), working through the usual dual range constantly variable transmission. In addition, the 855D features a slightly wider footprint for extra stability, and now comes with a fully enclosed clutch and driveline to allow the vehicle to travel through water up to 56cm (22in) deep.
With the new power steering system, the faster you travel, the more responsive the steering becomes, controlled by a torque sensor and an on-board computer. In addition, the Gator’s new brake components double the braking force and reduce stopping distances, while improving the pedal feel. All models also have a new, more powerful parking brake.
Load capacity of the new deluxe cargo box has been increased from 360 to a best in class 460 litres, while total payload remains at 635kg and towing capacity has increased by 90kg to 680kg. The cargo box features a truck-style tailgate latch for easy operation with one hand, and over 20 integrated tie-down points for securing loads. The side panels and tailgate are removable to provide a handy flat-bed layout if required, and are made of a durable, weather resistant polymer material, while the standard liner for the floor and the load guard are made of steel.
Price of the new John Deere XUV 855D 4×4 Gator utility vehicle for 2011 is expected to start at £11,250 for the base machine, and the power steering option will add in the region of £400 (excluding VAT). The new models will be available from John Deere dealers in the UK and Ireland this December.

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