Electric 4X4…….ePower Trucks

The first electric utility vehicle to combine 4×4 off-road performance and road-legal driving is now available. Jerry Hanss, Managing Director of ePower Trucks, said: “This is the first all-electric 4×4 that is fully road legal in the UK, offering true driver flexibility, huge cost savings on fuel and superb environmental benefits.”
With flat torque, electric vehicles are ideal for off-road applications. The VANISH is capable of 50 miles on a single charge and a top speed of 25mph. It comes with multi-speed forward and reverse speed transmission, can tow up to 682kg (1,500lbs) and carry two people plus a 227kg (500lb) payload. It costs from 3p per mile to run in electricity, depending on drive conditions, a fraction of the fuel costs for a diesel-powered UTV.
Designed for marshland and bog conditions, the VANISH has a sealed battery pack and drive train, which keeps on working even when the vehicle is fully submersed in water.
Prices starting from £10,995 on the road.

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