Apache’s range of adult road legal and off road quads has grown to become one of the most highly regarded in the market. With models capable of achieving up to 80 mpg, Apache’s have proved a viable alternative for people who need to save money on fuel, but who also want to have fun. From the sensible and economical RLX 320 Sport road legal quad, there is an alternative RLX 320 Utility model suitable for agricultural, horticultural and equestrian use, but the ultimate is clearly the RLX 450 model. At 49 bhp, this has been featured in major magazines throughout this year, and even in Harrods Magazine as one of the ultimate ‘boys toys’. The RLX 450 is for the ultimate adult thrill seeker who wants to turn heads and have real time fun on and off the road.

www.apachequads.com Tel 01562 861 607

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