You called Dave’

They say everyone knows a Dave, and in the case of the motor trade it looks like this is true.

According to the latest research from UK’s busiest contract hire and leasing website,, Dave is by far the most popular name in the trade, followed by Paul with Mark back in a distant third**. researched a total of 6,842 names of employees compiled from a broad spectrum of UK motoring trade companies; from main dealers, car supermarkets, motor service and aftermarket companies and independent brokers as well as fleet management companies to find the most popular names in the trade. In the end ‘Dave’ was the clear winner, with ‘Paul’ beaten into second place and ‘Mark’ trailing in third place. It is often said that everyone knows a Dave and in the case of the motor industry it appears to be very much the case.

So if you are looking for your next motor, you might want to ask Dave.

And to prove the popularity of the name in the motor industry, even the managing director of’s parent company, Really Good Domains is another Dave of the trade.

Says Dave Timmis, managing director of Really Good Domains: “It is something that I long suspected was the case, there are more Daves than any other name within the motor industry. Our research just goes to show that being called Dave gives you a helping hand in the motoring world!”

And girls, just so you don’t feel left out in what proved to be still a very male dominated industry, the most popular female name in the trade (in 32nd place overall) is Sarah, followed by Emma and then Karen.

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