World-wide ‘Quiet Mark’

The Grass Group have confirmed they have been awarded a world-wide ‘Quiet Mark’ licence accreditation for the ATT INFiNiPower Hybrid Mower, developed for the professional turf care market.
The Quiet Mark is awarded by the Noise Abatement Society and was introduced in 2012 to create demand for quieter technology.a demand for use of quieter
The ATT INFiNiPower Hybrid Mower is at the forefront of combatting noise in more sensitive areas and is currently the only walk behind unit with a complete turf refinement cassette system available in the world today.
The Grass Group say it is a visually striking machine with an all new dual power source capable of delivering a continuous 48V supply to two electric motors to both improve efficiency and reduce noise levels. Energy delivered by ‘Infinipower’ for maximum flexibility, allows on course inter-changeability from hybrid drive to battery drive, resulting in maximum flexibility.
The electronic control offers three different forward speeds for user selection, independent of the reel speed while the ergonomic, easily adjustable, handle allows for configuration to a comfortable operator position and the controls are simple to operate. In addition, the collection bucket is mounted on the traction unit frame to limit the weight transfer to the cassette, to give a more consistent height during operation. In all, the unit is optimally balanced during operation and end of line turning.
Poppy Elliott, Managing Director of Quiet Mark comments: “We’re delighted to add a professional turf care product to the Quiet Mark portfolio. This is an award for excellence given to products with low decibel counts and we’re hoping to encourage more manufacturers to keep their equipment quiet.”
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