World Record!

The Rabaud Xylo’ Show featured the full range of Rabaud Forestry Equipment – Logsplitters from 6t to 80t, Log-saws, Firewood Processors, Wood chippers, Post Peelers, Post Pointers, Shear grabs all of which are brought into the UK by Appin-Woods Machinery
Charles Miller of Appin-Woods Machinery attended the two day event in Sainte Cecile, France and witnessed this impressive event.
“ Never before has someone attempted to set a World Record for the amount of timber cut and split into logs in a 24 hour period”, Charles told The Landscaper.
“The massive benchmark of 384m3 was set and will be hard to beat. The Rabaud 550 Mobile Commercial Firewood Processor was used and the vast majority of the timber was hardwood as well as knotty elm.
“From 11a.m. on the 10th July to 11a.m on the 11th a massive 384 cubic metres of firewood was produced nearly 14 large roll-on roll-off skips full.
“The 550 processor was tackling effortlessly trees up to 550mm, or nearly 22” in old money, to produce firewood cleaned with the sifter of chips and debris ready for sale.”
The Range starts with the Xylog320 which is a circular saw processor which will tackle cordwood up to 320mm or nearly 13” diameter going upwards in size and scale with 3 other models, the Xylog 390, Xylog400, Xylog 420 to the Xylog 550.
There is also the Large Industrial F80 Logsplitter which will split whole trees into up to 36 segments whatever length they have been cut into
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