Toro has unveiled the Workman MDE, an electric-powered utility vehicle launched as part of the new Workman MD Series line-up. The new model is ideal for groundsmen and greenkeepers keen to reduce the environmental impact of their fleet.
Powered by a 48V, 500-amp motor, the MDE is equipped with extended-run batteries and regenerative braking for a longer-per-charge work capacity. What’s more, an impressive payload capacity of 544kg/1,200lb ensures there’s no compromise on productivity even when its cargo bed is fully loaded.
And, as with its MD and MDX stablemates, Toro says that the new MDE ‘offers unrivalled ride comfort as well as improved performance for the ultimate operator experience’. A new coil-over shock absorber suspension concept not only increases operator comfort and safety while reducing fatigue, but also improves the machine’s productivity and efficiency.
Toro has combined the MDE’s enhanced suspension with an innovative Active In-Frame twister joint, which allows each axle to react independently to the terrain. This means that all four wheels can maintain constant contact with the ground for better traction and stability, plus less potential turf damage.

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