Winter protection

The Howolis Early Green fleece cover provides winter protection on golf greens. The lawn regenerates better and is game-ready quicker in the spring.
The principle is simple: Shortly before the first onset of winter, cover the golf greens with the wood wool fleece and leave it until next spring after the last snow has melted.
The fleece can be attached to the ground with wood or steel pegs. An optimal microclimate in which the grass can be protected from wind and weather over the winter is created under the cover.
In the spring, the nature under the air-permeable wood-wool layer wakes up faster and the grass regenerates better. As a result, the golf green is ready for use earlier in the year.
After use, the fleece can be dried, rolled up and stored for reuse the next winter.
The areas of application can be extended as required. For example, in addition to golf greens, the goal area on football pitches can be protected optimally over the winter.
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