Wild thing

Hampshire. is becoming the focus of attention for all those that are looking for biodiversity, low maintenance and speedy establishment in their turfing needs. Wild Flower turf has become a fast growing medium in the UK for diverse uses such as landscaping projects on domestic and commercial sites as well as civil engineering schemes and green roofs.

This new technology is the result of a combination of soil-less turf with native wildflower seeds, grown on a compost bed. Advanced research and many trials have given this turf the guarantee of establishing a wildflower meadow, using a specialist seed mix that acts as a weed suppressant, a production process that does not require the turf to be cut resulting in an undamaged root structure and best of all, a turf that requires very little maintenance.

James Hewetson-Brown, the owner of the farm says “These are exciting times and it is very gratifying and satisfying to see the outcome of years of development turn into such a great business, bringing colour, birds and butterflies back into our gardens, parks, cities and countryside”.

Tel 01256 771222 or go to www.wildflowerturf.co.uk

(Watch out for our special feature on this subject March 009 The Landscaper)

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