Where theres muck

The Muck-truck stand proved to be a source of great interest for many attendees.
The Muck-truck pedestrian dumpers is powered by a Honda 5.5hp commercial grade engine featuring four-wheel
drive with four forward and one reverse gear. The unit features an easy- empty 6 cu. ft. skip that is removable in seconds and can be replaced with a useful flat bed or a choice attachments and being a compact 28in (71cm) wide

The Muck-truck can coasts through any standard doorway The standard skip will carry ¼ tonne (250kgs/550lbs) up slopes of 30 degrees. Remove the skip and fit the ball hitch to turn the Muck-truck into a useful towing unit. Fit turf tyres for maximum lawn protection or double wheels for total stability on uneven ground, or add the snowplough attachment to the skip for snow clearing or grading.

Launched at the show this year, the new Muck-truck Vac attachment with
improved collection and easier emptying. The vacuum attachment has now been re-designed to
be more efficient and easier-to-use. The airflow has been improved to
increase suction and therefore the collecting ability, and the emptying of the
350-litre container has been simplified.

For further details call 0845 838 5480 or visit www.mucktruck.com

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