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E. P. Barrus The Lawnflite PRO range of roller lawnmowers is built to professional specifications, delivering maximum power and efficiency for a longer life.
The top of the range Lawnflite Pro 553HRS-PRO is a 53cm/21”, self propelled lawnmower with shaft drive providing heavy-duty, positive handling. This model is powered by a Honda 5.5hp engine which can cope with the most demanding applications.
The full width steel rollers will give the ‘traditional British stripe’ and there is also has the advantage of making the cutting over lawn edges much easier and the likelihood of damage to those edges much reduced.
Other features include strengthened handle brackets, a deck liner for extra protection and a front bumper helps protect the deck from accidental damage. The deck is made of rust proof high quality alloy which further extends the life of the machine.
The Lawnflite PRO range is available through Barrus’s specialist network of over 350 authorised dealers.
TEl 01869 363623.

Rapid Tractors UK are the distributors for the Swiss built Rapid hydrostatic drive walk behind tractors in the UK. These tractors are designed and built for the professional sector of the market and are described as “systems tractors” having many different attachments to operate in areas of grassland management, cultivation and seeding, amenity and winter maintenance.

The speciality and reputation of Rapid machines is their ability to operate in safety on steep ground enabling new areas of banking to be brought back in to controlled management. Equally, their low overall weight and floatation tyres makes them suitable for wetland management and for areas of confinement.

The hydrostatic drive coupled with the reversible handlebars enable the tractors to operate in two directions making them true multifunctional machines,
enhancing the principle of using just one engine and transmission unit to perform many year round tasks Tel. 01283 730200
www.rapidtractors.co.uk sales@rapidtractors.co.uk

Emak UK The completely upgraded Efco MR professional lawnmower range from Emak UK has been designed with the professional user in mind combining rugged build quality with a range of features suited to intensive use.

These include an all aluminium deck with protective front and side bars, large diameter bearing mounted steel wheels, a choice of Briggs and Stratton or Honda engines and a large capacity grass collection bag.

Other key features include an optional three speed transmission system – permitting ground speed selection to suit the terrain – an incremental lever operated cutting height adjustment and a mulching blade and plug supplied as standard.

“These are serious working machines that re-inforce Emak’s commitment to the professional sector,” explains Emak UK’s managing director Harry Siggs. “They offer unsurpassed performance with superior collection even when operating on wet grass and are designed for continuous operation.”

Three models are available in the range.

The MR 55 TBD has a B&S 700 series engine with 70 litre grass bag capacity. The MR 55 TBI has a larger 80 litre bag capacity with a B&S 825 series engine and three speed transmission while the top of the range HXF model offers these features plus a Honda GXV engine and blade break.

Common to all are cutting height adjustment between 20 and 75mm, 53cm cutting width and superior collection capacity achieved by the aerodynamically contoured interior of the deck.


Honda has refreshed its Lawn & Garden line-up for the 2009 season with the addition of three limited edition ‘Diamond Cut’ models – with the added benefit of a mulching kit – to the much acclaimed Izy range.

With immediate effect, Diamond Cut variants of the HRG415 PDE, HRG415 SDE and HRG465 SDE models are available from selected Honda dealers; priced at £320, £400 and £460 (including VAT) respectively.

The move comes following a successful first season for the revamped Izy line-up, which enjoyed a significant 10 per cent uplift in sales in 2008 compared to 2007. Total European sales of Izy since its original debut in 2000 now total around 750,000.

This season also sees revisions to the HF2315 Lawn Tractor, all aimed at improving air flow and significantly enhancing collecting performance. Changes include the addition of a wider chute and mesh grass bag, and redesigned cutting blade and housing. The same enhancements were made to the larger HF2417 HME and HF2620 models ahead of last season; resulting in a 40 per cent and 52 per cent uplift in year on year sales in 2008 respectively.

Honda’s Brushcutter range has also been refreshed. Enhancements include the addition of an angled ‘Soft Skin’ handle, a ‘Grip & Slide’ switch with a more ergonomic design, a large deflector and easy skirt attachment for blades, and aluminium housing with a rubber joint to reduce vibration and user fatigue. Additionally the UMK 425/435 ‘Bike Handle’ Brushcutter now features a quick release handle for easier storage. Honda has also released a new double comfort shoulder harness to accompany the range; offering quick release from the machine, and a thick mesh belt for comfort and safety.

Completing the updates to Honda’s 2009 Lawn & Garden line-up are enhancements to the top-end HRX537 push models. For the HRX537 VYE, these include a new Adjustable Smart Drive system; offering five selectable drive positions and thumb or palm operation, and a wider handle for comfort. A new blade control lever has also been added, offering easier blade engagement/disengagement. Finally, Auto-Choke is for the first time available across all of the HRX537 models for optimum starting and running performance.
Tel 0845 200 8000

DR Products DR Field and Brush Mowers have been developed over a 20 year period, to produce a rugged mower designed to blaze through weeds, long grass, brush, scrub – and even sapling trees up to 2 ½ “ thick. With cutting widths from 24 to 30 inches, and power outputs from 12.5 to 17hp, the 4 self propelled models offer a brush clearing solution to suit all applications and budgets – without compromising on build quality. All models feature the same commercial duty clutch, giving all of the DR Field and Brush mowers an appetite for heavy workloads. The mower decks are exceptionally strong, reinforced with 12 gauge steel, and house a heavy duty steel blade, mounted onto a solid steel ¾” diameter shaft complete with ball bearings top and bottom.
DR Field and Brush Mower is easy to operate –disengage the differential and it can be manoeuvred freely without struggling. A powerful hand actuated disc brake can bring the machine easily to a halt, and the grouped control panel means that you are always in control. Every element of the DR Field and Brush mower is designed for easy operation – evident as soon as you turn the key to start the engine. The heavy duty blade is engaged by an electric clutch, activated by pulling up a single button on the control panel, and when you need to stop cutting, simply press the clutch button again to instantly bring the blade to a stop.
DR Field and Brush Mowers are only available through a network of specialist dealers, starting at just £1779 inc vat.
Tel 01963 828055

AS-Motor have been hand building ‘some of the best mowers in the world’ in Germany for 50 years, All the machines share the same distinctive features, such as galvanised steel work, stainless steel cables and low vibration levels. They have also developed many new items such as a variable speed transmission system and a blade brake clutch system, they also claim to have ‘the only 4WD mower in the world and the only 2-stroke mower engine in the world that complies with emission levels’.

The 2 stroke machines can work on any angle without damaging the engine, but the other advantages over a 4-stroke engines are that they are a simpler engines, power to weight ratio is greater and they deliver more power as they have power on each stroke, plus they do not need oil changes and benefit from constant fresh lubrication. The AS 2-stroke engine is so advanced it runs on a 100:1 mix, it is very robust and reliable and is also the only true commercial engine fitted to machines of this size.

The AS range consists of side discharge mowers that come with 2 or 4-stroke engines, with 2 or 4 wheel drive and can be easily converted to very efficient mulchers.
07766 856250


Makita offers a range of six walk-behind mowers ‘offering professional groundsmen and greenkeepers a complete lawn care solution’.
The Makita ELM3300 is a robust electric mower with 1100watt drive and 33cm cut. It is targeted at lawns up to 400 sq metres and features the ‘3-cut’ system which means the machine can cut grass, collect grass and collect leaves. The PLM4101 is a steel deck push mower powered by a Briggs & Stratton 4-stroke 3.5hp engine. This machine has a cut of 41cm, a 55litre grass bag, and is aimed at lawns up to 800 sq metres. The PLM4601 self-propelled is a 46cm cut machine with a Briggs & Stratton 4hp motor and a 60 litre grass bag, ideal for lawns up to 1,400 sq metres. This machine features the ‘4-cut’ system which means it can be used for mulching as well as grass cutting, grass collection and leaf collection. Both machines have easy-to-use height adjustment, comfortable operator controls and folding handlebars for easy transportation.

Two further aluminium deck, self-propelled mowers complete the standard walk-behind range: the PLM4811 is a 48cm cut machine with Briggs & Stratton 6hp ReadyStart engine and a 75 litre grass box with capacity for lawns up to 1,800 sq metres; the PLM4814 is also a 48cm cut machine and is powered by the popular, low vibration 5.5hp Honda 4-stroke engine with bags of power for lawns up to 2,000 sq metres. Both machines feature ‘4-cut’ facility, the same as the PLM4601 model.

The walk-behind range is completed by a heavy duty professional machine, the PLM5113. It features the Honda 5.5hp engine, has a 53cm cut 3-speed operation and an 80 litre grass bag. This really heavy duty machine features a steel-lined aluminium deck and crank-shaft guard and can easily cope with lawns of up to 2,500 sq metres. All the Makita petrol engine mowers have the easy-start pull cord conveniently placed halfway up the right hand control handle within easy reach of the operatorTel: (01908) 211678 www.makitauk.com

TORO’S NEW RECYCLER MOWER costing just £399 including VAT is equipped with a single-speed 190cc Briggs & Stratton Quantum engine and features an easy-pull recoil starter for an instant, one-tug start.
This new mower also has Toro’s Recycler technology. By chopping grass cuttings into tiny particles and then firing them back into the lawn where they quickly decompose, this clever mower dramatically reduces garden waste while giving a valuable nutrient and moisture boost for a healthier sward.

Time saved collecting and disposing of cuttings also reduces mowing time by up to a third while the Recycle-On-Demand function allows users to switch instantly between Recycler and conventional mowing should you wish to bag or collect cuttings, or the grass is too long for recycling. A generous 60-litre grass bag also reduces the number of times you need to empty the bag while mowing.

This innovative technology is available across the full Toro mower range, including the recently launched 55cm Steel Deck pedestrian petrol model with handy blade brake control for improved safety and convenience. Also joining the line-up is the Direct Collect Timecutter Z, a zero-turn riding mower perfect for large lawns and grassed areas up to two acres.
Toro’s Greensmaster 1000 is ideal for the greenkeeper or groundsman looking for a top-quality walk-behind cylinder mower that produces quality of cut on fine turf at high levels of productivity. Its 53cm cut and height-of-cut range of 2mm to 25mm offers cutting precision from a standard 11-blade, 12.7cm-diameter reel. The machine comes as standard with a 5cm-diameter aluminium Wiehle roller.

Toro’s Greensmaster 1600, meanwhile, has all the best features of the well-proven Greensmaster 1000, with a 66cm cut and an expanded height-of-cut range from 3mm to 32mm. Its versatility means it can also be used on tees and areas surrounding the greens.

TEl 01480 226800

Simon Tullett Machinery provides a range of pedestrian mowers built to withstand the rigors of landscape, amenity and estate work.

The Scag SW belt drive mower is a dependable entry level machine. A five speed Peerless transmission drives twin belts, supplying solid power to both drive wheels, reducing belt slip in wet conditions. Options include 32, 36, 48 and 52” decks, with 15 to 17hp Kawasaki or Kohler Command engines.

Widely used within the amenities sector is the Scag SWZ hydro drive range. Available with heavy-duty rotary decks from 32” to 52” and 16 to 19hp Kawasaki engines, with self adjusting transmission belt to save maintenance time and extend belt life.
Extending the versatility of the machine further, the STM Super Flail and Reel, and Humus Safety mulch heads have been specifically designed to fit the SWZ engine unit. The flail comes in 30, 36 or 48” cutting widths, with either fine cut single twisted or rough cut back to back flails.
For fine grass cutting, the Super Reel 30, cylinder head unit features hydraulic drive to reel, a pivoting head making it ideal on undulating ground, and reverse switch to clear blockages.
The Humus head is based on a totally different mulching principle, and will cut rough grass, heavy brush and grass verges. The special design and arrangement of multi-toothed cutting blades fixed at the rotor, virtually eliminates the risk of stones and other material being thrown out.

STM recently expanded the popular range of hydro drive machines to include the Scag Pro-V. The machines radically simplified steering and motion controls are designed to virtually eliminate hand fatigue – no more squeezing required. STM believe the Pro-V is easier to control than other walk behinds on the market because of its innovative V-bar steering system, and with four models available with 36”, 48” or 52” decks and 16 – 21hp Kawasaki engines, they are proving to be well liked within councils and authorities.


Tel: 01789 488450

The proven reliability and excellent finish achieved by his existing Dennis mower made the company’s machines the obvious choice when Nick James, head Groundsman at the Heatons Sports Club, was able to invest in a new mower for his cricket square.
Nick is kept busy looking after the turf at the Cheshire club, where he has been based for six years, preparing surfaces for tennis, lacrosse, cricket and rugby.
Nick explains. “I have a 20 year-old Dennis Premier which we have owned for 10 years and it has shown me how reliable the brand is. I have been really impressed with the quality of its cut and balance and also its construction”. I would definitely recommend Dennis, they are a great British manufacturer dedicated to their customer and the machines are a real pleasure to use.”

Tel: +44 (0)1332 824777

Tracmaster offers four modelsof the BCS Crusader Power Scythe range. These machines will easily cut any height or density of growth. The range starts with the BCS615 featuring a Honda 5.5hp petrol engine, 80cm working width and 1 forward and 1 reverse speed. The larger BCS615L offers a Honda 6.5hp petrol engine with 2 forward and reverse speeds and a choice of either 80 or 100cm cutter bar. The BCS620 has a Honda 8hp petrol engine and comes with either 80, 100 or 115cm bar and 3 forward and 3 reverse speeds. Finally, the BCS630 (the largest in the range) has a Honda 8hp petrol engine, 115 or 135cm cutting width, 3 forward and 3 reverse speeds, a locking differential and larger wheels. Additional implements available for the Crusader Power Scythes include a rotary mower, mulching mower and flail mower.
Also available from Tracmaster is the BCS Commander. This machine is ideal for grassland management and is widely used by many conservation groups including RSPB, National Trust, utilities, and local authorities. The Commander offers 3 forward and reverse speeds and a travel speed. Power steering aids manoeuvrability and implement quick coupling ensures that attachments can be changed in minutes without the need for tools. The Commander offers a choice of engines – 11hp or 13hp petrol or a 10hp diesel. Cutting heads available include 115cm and 135cm scythe cutter bars, an 80cm mulching mower, 100cm rotary mower, 60cm or 80cm flail mowers. Other implements available for the Commander include a Hay Rake and Mini Baler. There is also a bank version of the Commander available which will work on slopes of up to 40o.
The BCS Two-Wheel Tractor range comprises four machines designed to operate both front and rear mounted implements. Power units range from the BCS710 with a Honda 5.5hp petrol engine, 1 forward and 1 reverse speed, up to the BCS740 with a Honda 13hp petrol engine or 10hp diesel electric-start, 3 forward and 3 reverse speeds, travel speed and locking differential. There are over 20 different implements available for a variety of landscaping tasks including digging, clearing and cutting. Mowing heads include scythe, rotary mowers, mulching mower, and flail mowers
Tel 01444 460200

Ferris Industries manufacture a wide range of Zero Turn pedestrian mowers which are available through their UK based official distributor, IPU Group.
The Ferris Dual Drive Range comes in a variety of deck sizes from 36” up to the larger 52” deck, making it ideal for a large range of pedestrian grass cutting applications.
All Ferris machines are constructed with a 1 /4 “ thick steel frames , thus resulting in a walk behind mower that is built to be tough and durable, resulting in un-parallelled traction and stability. Ferris pride themselves on offering patented independent suspension throughout their whole range.
Their Dual Drive Comfort control model is recognised as ‘the best handling walk behind in the industry’. This model is available in both a 48” deck with 19hp engine and 52” size deck with 25hp engine. For the operator it offers a cruise control bar with independent forward control levers for added comfort. Sensor-Grip technology detects operator presence by moisture from the hands of the operator (with or without gloves) . Figures of 80% efficiency are achieved at a forward speed of 6mph, which means mowing up to 1.2 hectares per hour – To summarise the Dual Drive Comfort control offers rugged reliability with outstanding performance.
The Dual Drive 36” model offers similar capabilities with the added flexibility of a more compact deck – excellent for easy manoeuvring during those more confined areas. The machine comes as standard with a 25hp Kawasaki engine .Deck height can be easily adjusted by the Quick adjust lever to achieve a cutting height of between 1.75 and 4.75 centimetres and comes with convenience of electric start, as with all models in the Ferris Pedestrian range.
Flail head option is also available on request in both the 36” and 48” size models. A twin wheel kit can also be purchased as an extra add-on to your machine, which helps to achieve extra stability and traction during bank working.
A new edition to the Ferris range this year is the ‘ Hydrocut’. A lower priced machine offering a 13hp engine and a 32” deck , making it ideal for those working with space constraints. This machine offers the quick adjust deck and cut indicator, along with ICC – Integrated Comfort Controls which are thumb operated, and so simple to use that the machine can be operated with one hand.
Tel 0121 511 0400

The Ariens Pro-Walk family offers landscape contractors the ability to extend the usefulness of each pedestrian in their fleet with a range of fully interchangeable rotary, flail and cylinder attachments enabling the possibility of dual purpose machines and ensuring commonality across the whole fleet.
The ability to change decks on the same power unit means that each Pro-Walk is capable of being used in any situation from scrub clearance with the Vertiflail or Pro flail, high quality finishing with the cylinder attachment to a standard finish in more typical environments with the fixed or floating rotary decks. The optional twin wheel kit and weights make the rotary deck Pro-Walks the perfect choice for working on banks on safely and efficiently.
The range offers one of the widest choices of deck widths and power unit combinations. Four rotary deck widths from 48” (121cm), 44” (112cm), 36” (91cm) and 32” (81cm) can be combined to 19 or 15hp Kawasaki V Twin engines. The Pro flail options include 36” (91cm), 42” (107cm) and 48” (121cm) plus the 80cm Vertiflail attachment. The cylinder attachment is available in a choice of three or five blade design, and with a deck size of 30” (76cm) is suitable for use on either power unit.

Ariens has recently developed the Pro Steer controls as standard on all Pro-Walks – helping to improve operator safety and comfort while ensuring maximum productivity and manoeuvrability of the mower. The looped handlebar design and zero turn drive mechanism allows for fingertip control of the machine and provides increased protection to the hands by placing them away from the extremities of the machine. Soft Grip handles improve operator comfort and help to reduce hand arm vibration such that in most configurations the operator can cut for a full working day without experiencing noticeable fatigue.

Ariens Pro-Walks offer commercial users a number of standard features designed specifically to reduce maintenance and downtime as well as extend machine life such as the zero maintenance Ariens XL spindles or puncture resistant solid front castor wheels. All models also come with a standard two years manufacturer’s warranty. A high safety factor is also designed into each Pro-Walk with features like the adjustable speed control bar which allows the operator to set a safe maximum speed or the integrated OPC and hand brake which prevents the mower from running or the engine starting in an unsafe condition.

Mobile: 07973 454005
Tel: 08450 773 773

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