Walk in the park

Night time security issues in Leicester’s Victoria Park prompted the city’s council to invest in new lighting from WRTL Exterior Lighting to improve public safety.

The park – with its famous Lutyens war memorial – has been a source of the city’s enjoyment for over 100 years. Now, with the Council’s Spring 2008 lighting scheme incorporating WRTL’s award-winning 2-Tone lantern, the tree-bordered walkways crossing the area are much more pedestrian friendly.

“The park is bordered by Leicester University and the railway station, which is opposite the students’ accommodation area,” comments Leicester City Council’s public lighting group manager, Manjeet Virdee. “There are paved paths across the park, sheltered by trees, as well as a perimeter path.

“We recently upgraded the lighting of the perimeter path but, at night, students and other pedestrians still chose to walk across the park’s unlit paths late at night, as a direct route back to their homes. There were frequent security issues, which were the subject of a local campaign by residents and the students in 2007, to which we responded this year.”

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