Unearthing the benefits

Johnsons Lawn Seed has launched its latest lawn innovation. The company’s latest research into grass growing techniques unearthed the benefits of an ingredient that specifically seeks out grass plants.
Super Smart Lawn Feed is a new product that contains a unique ingredient that cannot be currently found in any other feed. Azospirillum is a beneficial bacteria with billions of spores that lie dormant in the granules until dissolved and applied above ground to the grass. Attracted to the lawn roots, Azospirillum fixes nitrogen from the atmosphere and gives targeted nutrition to the grass plants.
Also, the Azospirillum bacteria excretes plant hormones, cytokinin and vitamins while targeting nutrition to the grass plants. Azospirillum is efficient for growth, meaning a smaller application is needed. Leaching of the nutrients in the soil is virtually eliminated as they are instead immediately targeted directly to the plant root, so the lawn gets the nourishment where it needs it the most.
The Lawn Feed also contains a soluble Mycorrhizal fungi to encourage strong root systems in existing grass. With the abilty to increase the root surface by up to 150 times, the Mycorrhizal fungi, working with Azospirillium, forms a symbiotic relationship with the grass plants, forming an ecosystem underneath the soil. The grass plants become connected through the mycorrhizal networksharing water, nitrogen, phosphorous and mineral elements, resulting in a healthier lawn.
Seaweed extracts also act as a natural tonic for the lawn, as well as a soil conditioner, leaving grass looking thick and green. The feed is 100% organic andused in farming as an alternative to artificial chemical fertilisers, and is also safe to use around children, pets and wildlife.
Guy Jenkins, Consumer Manager at Johnsons Lawn Seed said: “We are seeing a move away from products that contain animal by-products or synthetic components, and Super Smart Lawn Feed marks the beginning of a new phase in biological lawn care. Leading the field in lawn seed innovation will continue to underpin the work that the Johnsons Lawn Seed and the DLF R&D team undertake so we are excited for this lawn feed first to hit the shelves.”

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