UK’s Largest Maintenance Contract

A maintenance contract for 66 synthetic sports surface facilities, believed to be the largest contract of its kind in the UK, has been awarded to synthetic sports surface maintenance company Replay.
Awarded by Glasgowlife, which operates all of Glasgow City Council’s leisure facilities and employs some 3000 staff, the contract covers the regular maintenance of 66 synthetic turf pitches and three athletics tracks for three years.
Glasgowlife had, historically, only undertaken maintenance of its synthetic sports surfaces on an ad-hoc basis. However, a feasibility study earlier this year showed that regular and planned maintenance would make the facilities available for longer, thereby increasing their income generation.
Following the awarding of the contract to Replay Maintenance, Alan Milner, Group Operations Manager for Glasgowlife said: “Replay was the perfect fit for Glasgowlife. They were both affordable and efficient and have in the short time they have been providing the synthetic surface maintenance contract demonstrated excellent customer service and a determination to ensure that this strategic partnership is a success.
“I have been very impressed with their project planning and flexible working approach, which has only reinforced Glasgowlife’s decision to appoint. To date they have been a great company to work with.”
Replay is in the unique position of being able to measure the impact that its maintenance is having through the use of the Fieldman machine. This testing device measures the affect that a maintenance regime has on the surface. It provides an instant force reduction ratio, deformation reading and energy restitution reading to test an overall firmness ratio. In the case of Glasgowlife, readings will be taken at every facility at the start of the maintenance contract and thereafter annually to demonstrate the improvement in the sports surface. The Fieldman is only available in the UK through Replay and is offered as a free service for any customer on a maintenance contract.

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