Greenkeepers planning major maintenance or new construction projects this winter can now hire Trakmats to protect their turf.

Measuring 8ft by 4ft (2.4 metres by 1.2 metres), made from rugged HD polyethylene plastic and able to withstand up to 60 tonnes, Trakmats’ non slip surface makes them ideal carriers of all types of equipment, providing protection to staff, turf and vehicles.

J Pugh-Lewis the sports ground construction and drainage experts are offering this new hire service having used the product themselves.

“We bought some at the beginning of the year, used them on a few jobs and wished we’d had them before,” says managing director James Pugh-Lewis. “They’re particularly useful on golf courses where they can provide a temporary roadway for anything up to an eight wheeler without damaging the turf.”

Tel: 01773 872362 trakmats@pugh-lewis.co.uk

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