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With many regions of the country suffering from drought conditions this summer, sports and amenity turf could well be facing a challenge against problem weeds leaving it in a weakened, non-competitive state and vulnerable to weed encroachment. Late summer and autumn rain is likely to produce a new flush of weeds and so scheduling in an application of GREENOR – to take out the competition before the winter sets in – would be good planning to ensure that your turf is in good heart for the start of the 2011 season.
“When turf is stressed and warm, moist weather sets in then it is the weeds that thrive to the detriment of the turf,” advises Dr Mike Drinkall, Product Technology Specialist, Dow AgroSciences. “If this looks to be happening to your turf this autumn then you will need to get in and knock the weeds back before they take over. In these situations GREENOR is an ideal choice of product where turf weeds such as daisies, dandelion and clover are a particular problem and also where you have yarrow and plantains which are often more difficult to control because of their waxy leaves.”
GREENOR, is available from Rigby Taylor in 5 litre packs and contains three active ingredients; fluroxypyr, clopyralid and MCPA, which are readily absorbed into the plant and translocated to the root system for a more thorough kill. It is an ideal product of choice for any weed control programme and utilises the latest micro-emulsion technology which offers increased herbicidal activity from lower amounts of active ingredient. GREENOR should be applied when weeds are actively growing up to the end of September at the rate of 4 litres per hectare in 200 to 500 litres of water per hectare.
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