Tough mowers for the landscape contractor

Wessex AF flail mowers are built to be towed by an ATV or UTV and they consume large areas of dense vegetation, long grass, brambles and bracken.
These are tough mowers built for the landscape contractor.
You can choose a side mounted (AF) or central mounted (AFC) engine option and 1.2m, 1.5m and 1.6m working widths, with four variants of wheel configuration.
This offers a wide range of applications and satisfies the legal requirements of the British HSE. In the standard version the 16 x 6.5 x 8 wheels and tyres sit on the end of the machine, in-line with the rotor, ensuring ground contours are followed accurately.
The machine is well-balanced with minimal weight applied on the drawbar. If the going is wet and boggy there is the option of flotation tyres and if there is a need to regularly cut close to fences and borders you can choose the rear wheel version.
There is also a four wheel option for the AF and its close relative the AFC. In this you get the best of both worlds with all four wheels within the width of the machine and, with the weight taken by the wheels, the drawbar is floating, keeping it well within the limitations of the ATV.
If you’re working on banks the stability of the AFC, with its centrally mounted engine (hence the ‘C’ designation) is ideal and there’s a full-width anti-scalp roller to take the weight of the machine should a wheel drop into a rut.
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