Toro’s LT-F3000 flail – Significantly improved productivity

Uttlesford District Council’s decision to opt for  when the need arose for a new grounds mower to tackle the area’s parks and open spaces is one that has made a significant difference to productivity and efficiency.
The LT-F3000 is expected to maintain 760,000 square metres of parkland and open spaces per month.  Steve King, Uttlesford’s street services supervisor says “We’ve been using the flail for two weeks now and it’s already having a notable impact on efficiency. We’re finding the LT-F3000 is capable of achieving the same amount of work that we would otherwise have to bring three dedicated mowers in for. This level of versatility in one mower has significantly improved the team’s productivity rate.
“Our previous machine’s cutting width was 1.7m, but the new mower has a 2.12m cutting width, which has enabled us to cut down on operating times. We’ve also found that the flail’s three cutting units follow the contours of the ground better than our former single unit machine, resulting in a superb after-cut appearance.”


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