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RPII Outdoor Annual Play Safety Inspectors offer cost-saving advice and top tips. They say: “Have a proper, regular inspection regime and ensure all inspections are undertaken by competent people. Repair early and maintain as necessary. Timely low-cost action now may save accidents, prevent equipment failure and excessive costs at a later date." The main reason for deterioration is lack of maintenance of popular, heavily-used equipment.
Top Tips

Don’t: Install a play area and play equipment and then forget about it.
Do: Look after your investment. Inspect and maintain play areas regularly and routinely. Early intervention is the key to low-cost running and long life. Little and often can save big repair costs later. To quote the cliché; A stitch in time …
Do: Set up proper inspection regime. Ask an RPII certificated Annual Inspector what inspection regime is required. It may vary with usage.
Do: Have someone, probably in-house, responsible for routine inspections; checking for damage, litter, graffiti and checking for vandalism. Train staff how to do routine inspections. Keep records and carry out recommendations.
Do: Be sure to have an Annual inspection which will highlight everything a council needs to know regarding the state of the equipment’s structural stability, wear and tear. It predicts its durability for the next year.
Do: Ensure adequate budgets are available for maintenance and repairs. If left, they can lead to equipment failure and accidents. Cutting back could be false economy and more expensive later. Prevention is better than cure.
Do: Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Lubricate, oil or grease bearing and bushes.
Do: Ensure repairs and maintenance as recommended by inspections are carried out, that worn components are replaced which may include bearings, bushes, chains or shackles, as required.
Top-most Tip:
Ask the experts. Ask an RPII Annual Play inspector listed at

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