We’re turning into a nation of ‘gastro gardeners’, with increasing numbers of people growing ‘exotic’ veg such as rocket (20% of people who grow their own) and aubergines (15%). However, tomatoes are still the most widely home-grown crop in Britain.

1. Tomatoes – 71%

2. Herbs – 65%

3. Carrots – 63%

4. Peas/beans – 60%

5. Potatoes – 58%

Joclyn Silezin, B&Q’s Horticulture buyer, says:“It’s great to see that the ‘grow your own’ trend wasn’t just a passing craze – Britain seems to have really embraced the ‘good life’ and lots of us are finding ways to grow fruit and veg, even in small spaces. You don’t need to be an expert or have a big garden to discover the joys of growing your own. At B&Q we encourage people to ‘give it a grow’ with a huge range of seeds, plants, garden buildings and garden care products to help. With 15% off greenhouses at the moment there’s no better time to get started.”

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