The morning after

Studies show that 51% of drivers have unintentionally driven the morning after while still being over the drink drive limit. This is why almost 1 in 5 drink drive prosecutions happen the morning after.

AlcoSense LITE is a competitively priced “one touch” breathalyzer that will accurately register your BAC (blood alcohol level). If you are close to or over the limit and AlcoSense LITE will beep and display a” don’t drive” Icon.

Unlike other breathalysers, AlcoSense maintains its accuracy with unique sensor clean technology, this prevents moisture, oxidisation and contaminants such as tannin building up and potentially affecting the precision of the reading.

Endorsed by Sir Stirling Moss OBE, AlcoSense LITE only measures 106mm (h) x 45mm (w) It’s no bigger than a mobile phone so can be used discreetly. Powered by 3 x AAA batteries, means that AlcoSense is convenient for use anywhere.

AlcoSense LITE only costs £34.99 and is available from
and from Rowlands Pharmacies.

An endorsement for drink driving offence remains on a driving licence for 11 years, so it is 11 years before a convicted driver will have a “clean” licence again

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