The Incredible Bulk

The SweepEx brush ban be easily attached to the host vehicle, be it a tractor, forklift, telehandler or skidsteer.
Now there’s a new addition to the SweepEx range, the MegaMax ‘C-broom’, which incorporates all the benefits of the unique push broom while providing you with a bulk volume mover.
What’s different about the MegaMax is that it is a heavy-duty push broom with patented side retainers that hold bulk volumes of material in front of the brush, avoiding spillage at the sides. There’s no need to spend time going over swept areas to clear spill lines and the end brushes are also carefully twisted so they pull material away from a wall or curb, keeping it in the main path of the broom.
No motor, belts or chains and no flying debris, the MegaMax is safe and maintenance free, with hard wearing brushes designed to sweep up to 450 miles before the bristles need changing.
The MegaMax is available in 1.5m, 1.8m and 2.4m widths and whilst it is ideal for landscape maintenance, warehouse and distribution sites, snow clearance and much more.
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