The Going is good

From March 2007 all UK turf racecourses were required to issue a GoingStick reading with their Official pre declaration and race day Going report.
The state of the ground directly affects the decision to run a horse in a particular race – the requirement for an objective measurement was driven by long term frustrations regarding the accuracy and consistency of reports published by courses.
The TurfTrax GoingStick accurately measures the penetration (the amount of force required to push the tip into the ground) and the shear (the energy needed to pull back to an angle of 45° from the ground). These two measures taken in combination represent a scientifically based proxy for the firmness of the ground and level of traction experienced by a horse during a race.
The information is automatically stored in the GoingStick memory and an average of all readings can be provided instantly. The data can be downloaded on to a PC using the TurfTrax GoingStick software.
The GoingStick data can be printed off for viewing in raw data format or can be used in conjunction with the TurfTrax Mapping system

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