The 2014 Olympics……. Sochi Russia

Sochi – Glavstroy Company, part of Basic Element, one of the Russia’s largest diversified business groups, today announced a groundbreaking landscape design project for the main 2014 Olympic Village in Sochi. The project is expected to be completed mid-2013.
After the 2014 Olympics the territory and all the facilities will become a part of the all-season resort complex “Sochnoe” (, where landscape design will be one of its most important features.
According to the project, the total area is 240,000 square meters. It is planned to plant more than 42,000 trees, shrubs, vines and more than 57,000 square meters of lawn, pave over 100,000 square meters of tracks and platforms to install over 800 small architectural forms.
The special project will include unique plants for the Sochi region. The space will be filled with 160,000 plants, imported from the best Italian nurseries, including 1,600 trees, more than 34,000 shrubs and about 100,000 perennial flowers and vines.
At this stage designers are developing on fertile ground using special technology to plant on technogenic ground which is being engineered to protect the plants with special glass buffers.
There is also a large effort to the decorative lighting of plants, hills, water objects and small architectural forms, which will create a cozy atmosphere at the future resort.
This focus on landscape design draws on current trends and the natural environments of the typical southern city. It was developed by the company “Arbor”, which was recognized as the best landscape company in 2011 by the Union of Architects and the Association of Landscape Architects of Russia.
The total area of the Glavstroy Olympic facilities will be more than 330 000 square meters, including about 1,500 apartments for 3,000 people in the Main Olympic Village (including a Paralympic Village) on 216,077 square meters and 1,285 numbers of buildings and facilities to accommodate the Olympic Family and the International Paralympic Committee, the total area of 118,156 square meters.

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