Tackling Theft

Rural theft, including theft of expensive vehicles is on the rise in the UK, with the figures for 2013 up 5.2% on 2012.
According to the latest data from NFU Mutual, 2013 was the worst year on record for theft and the cost of crime to the UK’s rural economy reached £44.5m.
Bluetrack is lending a lifeline in the form of its discreet and cost-effective GPS trackers.
Expensive machinery and vehicles are being stolen, with many top-of-the range vehicles being smuggled out of the country.
According to the annual report from NFU Mutual, claims for this type of crime in Cambridgeshire totalled £2.7m. Worryingly, criminals are increasingly targeting older models which are not fitted with alarms and immobilisers, to reduce the chances of getting caught. Any of Bluetrack’s small GPS trackers are an ideal solution to the problem, as they can be placed out of sight in any vehicle and enable its owner to trace its location if stolen.

The most common items targeted by thieves over the last 12 months were tools, followed by all-terrain vehicles and quad bikes.
Criminals have also started to turn their attention to fertilizers and pesticides, with one case reporting a loss of £20,000 in one raid.
Keith Walker, Director of Bluetrack told The Landscaper,, “The theft of vehicles and machinery is at record level, and we believe GPS trackers can alleviate the problem somewhat. By fitting the trackers to vehicles, and hiding in bags of fertiliser, customers will have the upper hand if any of their assets get stolen.”
A solution such as Bluetrack’s Sniper GPS tracker is designed specifically to offers live tracking in real time across the globe.

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