Tackles tree stumps

Ecoplug Max delivers glyphosate directly into the tree stump, killing its root system and preventing re-growth using a patented method which minimises the risk of herbicide exposure for the operator and environmental contamination through spillage or run-off.
Each plug contains 300mg of granular glyphosate which is released inside the stump ensuring that all of the active ingredient is carefully targeted where it is needed. The glyphosate is translocated through the stump and down to the roots preventing new growth sprouting and leaving the stump to gradually rot away.
Plugs are simply placed into holes drilled into the stump using the Ecoplug drill bit, and hammered in forcing out the sides of the plug and releasing the glyphosate into the phloem.
An easy-to-use table shows exactly how many plugs are needed for the size of stump and tree species being treated.
It is a simple solution for local authorities and contractors needing a safe and convenient method of stump control.
Monsanto Technical Development Manager Manda Sansom told The Landscaper, “Ecoplug Max was recently used with great success in a situation where Sycamore close to buildings had been repeatedly cut back over a number of years but continued to grow and undermine the foundations.”
“There were numerous small shoots which were too small for individual Ecoplug Max application, so the re-growth was cut back in November and Ecoplugs applied into main stump underneath the new shoots. Eight months after treatment, there was no re-growth.”
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