Stepping – up

Tripod ladders are nothing new; they have been used in orchards, for many years. Originally made of wood, they gave easy access to the crown of fruit trees when pruning and picking, and of course having three legs meant they didn’t wobble on uneven ground.
But, they were heavy and cumbersome, so over the years, they evolved firstly into fabricated aluminium ladders and now to a much stronger lightweight welded construction. The basic design remained the same but features were improved or changed to make them more suitable for landscapers, gardeners and tree surgeons. The point at the top of the “A” shaped ladders gave way to a flat step which is much more suitable for resting a tool or basket. The base width became greater giving much more stability particularly on the taller ladders, and the rear leg became telescopic so that the ladder could be used on uneven ground, slopes and steps.
By the very nature of their design, they are more practical and much safer to use than a conventional step ladder. The triangular footprint means that one side of the ladder can be placed parallel to a hedge leaving you in a perfect and safe position to work on the hedge. If you are topping a hedge you can plant the rear leg right into the hedge to give closer access. When used in borders the legs can straddle shrubs and bushes to get good positioning on what you are working on. The time savings to be made when working with a tripod ladder can actually pay for the ladder in no time at all.
With sizes from 4ft to 16ft there is a ladder for every purpose. The ladders are available from most professional landscape and arborist suppliers as well as most garden machinery dealers.

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