Spring and 27 new products!

Tracmaster has extended its Popular CAMON Range of Landscape Machinery to include Lawnmowers, Brushcutters, Hedge Trimmers and Hole Borers.
Offering maximum reliability and mowing quality for the tiniest patch of grass to lawns up to 3,000m², Tracmaster’s CAMON lawnmowers are ideal for both private homeowners and professional users.
Seven models of differing size and power are available, with either push or self-propelled drive; from the small and versatile Taurus 41, with a cutting width of 41cm to the powerful Taurus 53 TWA which has a cutting width of 53cm. All mowers feature the latest powerful and environmentally-friendly engines available, are also equipped with mowing height adjustment and grass collection bags, plus they are low in noise and running costs.
Trimming up after the mower, edging lawns, clearing vegetation from trees, posts and the base of hedges and mowing in areas that can be inaccessible for bigger machines, the brushcutter is an indispensable tool for professional landscapers and homeowners. Tracmaster’s new CAMON range has been designed to meet the need of all users and to satisfy wide-ranging working demand.
The modern and innovative design of CAMON’s brushcutters includes features such as easy and safe refuelling thank to the enlarged mouth of the fuel tank, a silenced muffler, pinion of gear case with double bearing, an anti-vibration system, an ergonomic handle and a professional knapsack for a perfect weight distribution on the back.

With the environment in mind, Tracmaster is also able to supply the revolutionary BIOFIL cutting wire, which offers high performance and durability, while being 100% biodegradable.
Eight different models of brushcutter are available, from the lightweight (5.3kg) 25cc HQ25 to the 7.4 kg 53.2cc TJ53E, for professional users. In addition there are two Combi versions, which come with brushcutter, hedgetrimmer, chain pruner and a 75cm Extension for longer reach.
From pruning a small shrub to tackling a dense, overgrown hedge, CAMON’s three new hedgetrimmers will produce the perfect cut. Powered by a rechargeable battery, the cordless HT510B has a 51cm double-sided blade, making it convenient to use for light jobs, while the SLP600 N and TJ 23 are petrol-powered, have a 60cm double-sided blade and can be used for more heavy-duty work.
Alex Pitt, director at Tracmaster, told The Landscaper “The CAMON name is well-respected and trusted and we are constantly looking to expand the range with suitable machines and feel that our exciting latest additions will keep CAMON at the cutting edge of the groundcare sector.”

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